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Alterations, Lakeland, FL

Custom alterations are the ideal way to make any dress or suit look like it was made especially for you.

Alterations, Lakeland, FLDoes it always seem that when you try on dresses or suits that you are perpetually between sizes? One is just a tad too big, yet the next smallest side is a bit too snug. Sometimes a size is pretty much perfect, but just needs a little nip and tuck in one spot to better fit your physique. You won’t need to worry about that here at Looking Good Fashions. We do onsite alterations that will tailor that dress or suit to fit you like you were born in it.

Custom alterations are the ideal way to make any dress or suit look like it was made especially for you. You will be the belle or beau of the ball, whether that is a wedding, prom or even church on Sunday. Another benefit of alterations is that you can make a purchase well in advance of your special day and then have alterations done right before. This removes the need to spend those weeks making sure you fit into the dress or suit. It is far less stressful to make sure the outfit fits you than the other way around.

Alterations can also be a great way to keep up with your children’s little growth spurts. As they mature, they may need just a little more room in their Sunday outfit, but not enough to buy a new one just yet. Sometimes minor alterations can extend the life of their clothes just a bit longer – at least until the next growth spurt.

Children aren’t the only ones that can find themselves realizing their clothes don’t fit quite the same after a while. Even a slight weight gain or weight loss can set your clothing budget reeling. Instead of buying an entire new wardrobe, however, stop in and talk to us about our alteration services. For a fraction of the cost, you could avoid having to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe – well, unless you really want to, for which we have a great selection for you, too!

Whatever your alteration needs, stop in and see us, and we’ll be glad to discuss the costs and turnaround time. Our family owned and operated store is open Monday through Saturday for your convenience.

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