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Big and Tall, Lakeland, FL

We have you covered for casual wear and formalwear in Lakeland, FL, even if you fit into the “big and tall” category.

Big and TallThe typical clothing store or big box retailer is interested in filling their floor space with clothing that will appeal to the mass majority. If your stature is different than the majority, you may have difficulty finding shirts, pants and suits that fit properly. This may leave you frustrated and having to have alterations made on most everything you purchase. At Looking Good Fashions, we have you covered for casual wear and formalwear, even if you fit into the “big and tall” category.

Our big and tall inventory is designed to provide you with a fashionable wardrobe regardless of your measurements. Even if you do find something you like that needs a bit of nick and tuck to fit perfectly, you won’t be disappointed because we also offer custom alterations.

A common complaint with typical clothing stores is the inability to accommodate one or the other – big or tall. All too often, many clothing manufacturers assume that tall must also need to have a larger waist or chest as well. We understand that big and tall selection isn’t enough; sometimes clothing needs to be big or tall, but not both.

We believe that every person should be able to dress stylishly regardless of height, weight or shape, so we have gone above and beyond to provide a big and tall clothing department that will have you looking your best during leisure, work and formal events.

Here are the big and tall sizes we offer:

*  Suits up to size 70
*  Dress Pants up to size 70
*  Dress Shirts up to 24″ neck
*  Casual Shirts & T-Shirts up to 6XL
*  Casual Pants & Jeans up to size 58

Come see us at Looking Good Fashions in Lakeland, FL, and we can get you looking good every day of the year! With 10,000 square feet of selections, we are confident we have exactly what you are looking for, no matter your body size or shape!