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FormalwearFor years, “looking like a couple” was the only way to go. The perfect prom photos meant planning ahead, taking time to match colors, and all-around looking adorable together. For modern couples, it may be time to mix things up a bit. While it is always good to make a statement together, the biggest modern formalwear question is: should we match or can we clash?

We think there are many ways to make you and your partner look like a pair without going out of your way to match the dress and the tux. One of the most important things you can do as a couple is decide on a theme. That way, you both will have the same idea in mind as you choose your formalwear. If you want to look like a gangster– complete with cane and feather hat– you better have a date who doesn’t mind fringe. Choosing a theme from the beginning will help you keep each other in mind while also allowing you to throw in a bit of your own personal style.

A theme can be as extreme as 1920’s or as simple as a color. Choosing a color may mean collecting a swatch at a store or using an item you can both compare your outfits to. Color themes may be something like “purple” or something more dramatic like “leopard print.” Either way, as long as you both agree, it will turn out great!

If your date doesn’t want to match your color choice (not all men love hot pink), then it is perfectly acceptable to choose colors that coordinate, but don’t necessarily match. Here is where you can “clash,” but try to choose a matching corsage and boutonnière to pull it all together. Many men choose to wear traditional black or silver, and those colors will match just about any dress.

Choosing prom formalwear is all about having fun, so it is important to find something that fits both of your personalities. Matchy-matchy is not the standard anymore. You may enjoy finding ways to pull your outfits together in unique ways.

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