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Suit AccessoriesFinding your unique suit brand, style, and fit takes time and dedication.  While many suits may get the job done, you won’t feel like your most confident self until you make the suit yours.  The best way to do that is with some impressive suit accessories.  Suit accessories are the quickest and easiest way to give a professional suit a personal touch.

  • Neckties/Bowties- One of the most necessary suit accessories is the necktie or bowtie.  While almost every suit isn’t complete without one, there is more than one way to complete a look. Bowties are growing in popularity, with many colors and designs available.  Traditional ties are always in style, but skinny ties are a sleek new take that you might want to try.
  • Tie Pins- Tie pins hold the tie in place.  They are usually in a long bar shape or look more like a designer pin.  There are endless tie pin styles to choose from, and they are a great way to show something important to you.  Whether you choose a professional-looking pin or one representing your favorite sports team, this suit accessory will definitely give your suit character.
  • Cufflinks- Cufflinks are very similar in idea to tie pins.  They come in both professional and personal designs to give your suit even more personality. 
  • Pocket Squares- Pocket squares may seem too traditional or professional for many occasions, but they are actually one of the best ways to define your style.  They can match your shirt or vest, or you can go with something more unique.  There are no real rules when it comes to pocket squares.
  • Socks- Designer suit socks come in never-ending designs and colors.  While most suit owners don’t consider their socks to be a large part of their outfit, designer socks are a great way to add color to a plain or single-color suit set.  Large patterns and bold stripes are extremely popular.