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big and tallWhile most formal wear stores carry a variety of suit sizes, not all will be able to accommodate the sizes that aren’t so common.  Men who fall into the “big and tall” category may have a tough time finding the perfect suit.  Often, large chain stores will try to cater to your size by suggesting you buy one of their very large suit combination sets and then attempting to alter it to fit you.  But you deserve better than that.

Here at Looking Good Fashions, we provide many big and tall sizes to fit every body type.  We start with a size that is meant for you.  While we provide alteration services, we won’t have to “build” a size that fits you like other stores may try to do.  So how do you know if you need to be looking for a big and tall suit size?

Generally, anyone taller than 6’4” who wears a size large can fit into the “big and tall” category.  This does not mean other stores won’t carry clothing to fit your height; it just means you will probably have more choices at a store with a selection of big and tall sizes. Also, men who have a chest 56” or larger and who wear a size 1X in men’s shirts may want to start at a big and tall suit store to find the best fit.

If you are looking for a suit for any occasion and you think you may fit into the “big and tall” category, come in and see us today.  Our professional staff and tailors will help you feel confident in a suit that was virtually made for you.