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Formal WearWhen making your grand entrance at a wedding or other formal event this summer, we know you want to be the only person everyone is looking at.  It is important to both make a statement and show your personality.  While there are many special styles to choose from, some important trends are making their way into the formal lines this season.  Here are just 5 of the top modern formal wear trends of summer 2015.  

  1. One Shoulder- One shoulder dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses are growing in popularity this year.  There are many ways to pull off this trend, and we think it looks amazing with any body type.  This style can be made into both short or floor-length gowns.
  2. Pastel/Pinks- Pastels and pinks are on trend for this spring season.  There are many colors that fit into this growing category, including lavenders, peaches, corals, yellows, and light blues.  These colors complement every skin tone, bringing out natural beauty in the best way.  Pinks are almost always in for formal wear, but try to stick to lighter pinks and rose colors this year. 
  3. Asymmetrical Hemlines- This one is relatively new to the formal wear world.  It is a bit of “sexy” done right.  While still elegant, asymmetrical hemlines are a great way to make a statement of confidence.  You can choose a more dramatic hemline or one with just enough flare. 
  4. Illusion Dresses- Illusion dresses have been “in” for a while, but that just means they are getting better and better.  Illusion dresses refer to dresses with semi-transparent fabrics to make the flashy accents, often rhinestones, look like they are floating on the skin of the wearer. This can also be done in glamorous lace.  Illusion dresses aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely a trendy look.
  5. Prints are In- Subtle or dramatic, prints are “in”!  This is a great way to stand out from other guests.  Pick flowy, flowery prints for a classic look or more vivid patterns to really show off your personality.

Let us at Looking Good Fashions help you pick the best formal wear choice for all your special occasions.  Come and see us today to find your perfect modern look!