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Special Pricing on Tennis Shoes

Looking for the perfect fit that fits your budget & style? Turn to us.

Tennis Shoes, Lakeland, FLTennis shoes are great to wear on almost any occasion and for almost any activity.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair that meets your budget and style, come visit us at Looking Good Fashions in Lakeland, Florida.

  Wide selection of tennis shoes in stock for men, women & children

  We carry different brands

  Available in various sizes

  We keep our prices low

Take advantage of this limited-time offer:

Get Nike, Reebok & Converse tennis shoes for as low as $49.99

             Or Jordans for as low as $69.99

At Looking Good Fashions, our friendly representatives are more than happy to assist you in order to help you find the perfect new pair of tennis shoes.

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Special Pricing on Tennis Shoes